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300 Click for offerUntil early February there were widespread expectations that this year’s campaign would be relatively painless for Mr. Trudeau and that his party would be re-elected in October. Gohar had been working in Paris and Milan, and returned to New York with just one day to prepare for the dinner. She sourced many of the meal’s ingredients from local downtown Manhattan shops, such as the rabbit from Ottomanelli & Sons in the West Village, meats and cheeses from Di Palo’s in Little Italy, and fresh ramps from the Union Square farmer’s market, but other ingredients — like the handsome fingerlike fava beans, the pecorino encrusted in gold strands of straw and the puntarella — were easier to pick up at a market in Milan. “I don’t want you to think I am totally ridiculous flying my produce in for a dinner,” she said, “It was just easier to bring back with me.” This was also true of the delicate candied desserts from Cucchi, one of Gohar’s favorite pastry shops in Milan, as well as a small pork rillette from Paris. (Though the classic French Gavottes, small chocolate wafers wrapped like bars of gold, were lifted from Mattos’s Café Altro Paradiso. “Those look familiar!” he observed.) Be sure, however, to check with the Department of Agriculture and U.S. Customs and Border Protection on what you can and cannot bring into your port of entry.

⅔ teaspoon agave nectar INDIANAPOLIS — Simon Pagenaud had perhaps as good an explanation as any for how he won the 103rd Indianapolis 500 on Sunday.


TYPE ::MOUNTAIN BIKEYOU GUYS. OUR SHOW IS BACK. LUCIFER LIVES. WE DID IT. WE REALLY DID IT. I’M GONNA BURST. WE FOUGHT AND WE WON. 😭❤️🔥 #WeSavedLucifer #LuciferOnNetflix pic.twitter.com/wJoGqOfnY9 The version of “free college” that I find most promising is free community college.

BRAND ::SPORTS SCOTTYStarting April 16, G Suite users will be able to use Chat online and via phone apps. Users can also disable classic Google Hangouts before October at a time of their choosing. The Hangouts setting page will be renamed to Hangouts Meet. The blog post suggests users to move to Chat and Meet between April and September this year. Mr. Semprevivo’s lawsuit sheds a little more light. It says that Mr. Semprevivo first learned he was being investigated in April, through an email from a university official. It says that he was later sent a letter with a list of 29 questions.

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I shelved my glove, took up basketball and didn’t walk back onto a baseball diamond for 17 years. While some players question the strength of Kermode’s leadership and have expressed concerns that he, a former tournament director, has leaned toward the tournaments on prize money issues, he still has considerable support. Nadal and Stan Wawrinka made it clear between matches this week at the Madrid Open that they would be in favor of Kermode’s renewal.

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RIO DE JANEIRO — After the flames were extinguished and guards regained a semblance of control over the prison in northern Brazil where a gang fight left 58 dead, officials encountered a macabre scene. In response to that decision, rather than exiting the deal, which is still supported by European nations, President Hassan Rouhani of Iran this month announced a series of small steps to resume nuclear production restricted under the agreement. The White House then announced additional sanctions on Iran’s steel, aluminum, iron and copper sectors, accounting for 10 percent of the country’s exports.

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Kent, el secretario de Estado asistente, dijo a los investigadores que Trump había puesto de cabeza la política estadounidense. Según dijo, desde hace décadas en Estados Unidos se ha exigido que los líderes de Ucrania y otros países dejen de instigar en contra de sus opositores casos judiciales con motivaciones políticas y que respeten el Estado de derecho. The Quran project has become one of the few educational resources for deaf Indonesians. There were 2.9 million deaf citizens as of 2015, according to the Central Statistics Bureau, although activists believe the number is actually much higher.

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MILAN — The winding staircase of the Palazzo Serbelloni was jammed with visitors photographing the bulbous Venezia lamps that Marcel Wanders designed for Louis Vuitton. The designers at the International Furniture Fair in Milan have long figured out that the 386,000 who attended this month are a tiny slice of the real audience, who live on Instagram. Brooks Barnes contributed reporting from Los Angeles.

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