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300 Click for offer“Could we have managed things differently? In hindsight, ‘Yes,’” Mr. Hogg wrote, without elaborating. He could not be reached for comment. “I’ve spent 23 years of my life with Annie,” he told the talk show host Charlie Rose in 1993 before the second sequel, “Annie Warbucks,” opened Off Broadway. “Like all daughters, she’s taken care of me in my old age.”

She and five of her friends were at Ned Peppers for a “normal Saturday night” when they heard what she said were about 25 shots. As for the 2020 Democratic presidential aspirants, the field is as yet far too sprawling to present a clean and clear target. Mr. Trump has taken a couple of shots at “Crazy Bernie” and “Alfred E. Neuman” (his Mad Magazine-style take on Mayor Pete’s boyish visage), but his heart hasn’t seemed in them. For a while there, he had some fun with Senator Elizabeth Warren’s Native American heritage, but his interest seems to have largely faded. When former Vice President Joe Biden entered the race and vaulted to the top of the polls, Mr. Trump started in with cracks about “Sleepy Joe” being past his prime, out of touch and possibly ill or senile. But age and infirmity aren’t really the sort of criticisms that rev Republican engines — and, considering Mr. Trump’s own septuagenarian status, spotty memory, verbal ramblings and occasionally erratic behavior, he needs to tread carefully in this area. As for the political fire Mr. Biden has drawn for his past positions on civil rights or his behavior toward women, let’s just say those are even more ticklish targets for this president.


TYPE ::MOUNTAIN BIKEHe said he did not think the entire debacle was good for relations between the United States and Israel. After selling the company in 2017, he was looking to bring other clean energy ideas to market when he heard about the Runway Startup program, which provides five Ph.D.s a year with support, guidance and about 0,000 each to turn their ideas into market-ready technologies. He thought he might be a good candidate for the program. Instead, he ended up becoming the director.

BRAND ::SPORTS SCOTTYTwo days later, Mrs. Santini, her downstairs neighbor, was watching a Sunday church service on television when she heard the first gunshot. “Fireworks,” she thought. She said she had been aware of the abuse but never believed that Mr. Garcia would carry out his threats. “A Silent Voice,” showcased the storytelling range of a studio beloved for its skill in animation, Dr. Suan said.

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Deep divisions remain in the Trump administration about how accommodating the United States should be with China. Mr. Trump has expressed concern about unnerving the markets, but some of his advisers, such as Mr. Lighthizer and Peter Navarro, whom Mr. Trump refers to as his “tough guy,” have urged him to continue exerting pressure on China to force meaningful changes to Beijing’s economic policies. Rebut the president’s spin. Trump has described Mueller’s report as concluding that there was “No collusion, no obstruction.” Members of the House should ask Mueller if that’s true. “In an era when our leaders have lied about it in the hope that Americans won’t read it, we need simple connect-the-dots questions clearly posed that will correct the record,” Neal Katyal, the law professor who helped draft the special counsel regulations, writes in The Times.

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With a five-bedroom main house and five other homes, the estate also has an active farming operation, deer hunting, a pheasant shoot and 1.3 miles of coastline. Mr. Epstein was first accused in 2005 of sexually abusing teenage girls in Palm Beach, but he reached a lenient plea bargain with federal prosecutors in Miami who were investigating those allegations.

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For many in the room, it was a bewildering spectacle: an American ambassador lavishing praise on a far-right leader whose party has methodically eroded Hungarian democracy and pushed anti-Semitic tropes. But it was just another demonstration of Mr. Cornstein’s pattern of emboldening Mr. Orban. It’s hard to exist and also accept my lack of existence. Frank Wilderson III, chair of African-American studies at the University of California, Irvine, borrows the sociological term “social death” to explain my there-but-not-there status in a historically anti-black society. The outrage — and if we are generous, the embarrassment — that occasioned the white passenger’s comment were a reaction to the unseen taking up space; space itself is one of the understood privileges of whiteness.

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The Times is committed to publishing a diversity of letters to the editor. We’d like to hear what you think about this or any of our articles. Here are some tips. And here’s our email: letters@nytimes.com. The plan, issued as a proposed federal rule, would take effect in January, but would likely be challenged in court by an industry that has long held such rates secret.

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