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They chanted and carried signs listing their demands: the complete withdrawal of the bill, not just an indefinite suspension; an impartial investigation into the police use of force during Wednesday’s clashes with protesters; and the rescinding of the official description of that protest as an illegal riot, which could expose anyone arrested during the violent demonstration to long jail terms. They do notice Alcott’s popularity. Even Stefanos Tsitsipas, who became the Open’s breakthrough star when he beat Federer in the fourth round, deferred to Alcott’s celebrity.

The discovery led him to create a global support group to help other children of priests, like him, suffering from the internalized shame that comes with being born from church scandal. When he pressed bishops to acknowledge these children, some church leaders told him that he was the product of the rarest of transgressions. Like Mr. Trump or not, he is our elected president. We Americans do not treat the office of president with such callous disregard, regardless of our political philosophies. Ms. Pelosi has only hurt her credibility by not demonstrating leadership and a spirit of bipartisanship and basic respect.

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For many, the freshman residence halls offer students the most exposure to classmates from a broad swath of economic backgrounds. Some students, though, fear those kinds of interactions are fading as some wealthier students choose to live in more costly university-owned apartments during their first year, when the majority of students live on campus. Parents have always found raising children to entail a great deal of work, enlisting relatives and servants — sometimes handing offspring over to religious orders. As Traig says, “the history of parenting is, in large part, a history of trying to get out of it.” This was true even when babies were considered little laborers-to-be, expected to contribute within a few years to the family livelihood.

That’s it for this briefing. See you next time. Maura J. CaseyFranklin, Conn.The writer is a former editorial writer for The New York Times.

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Log InPeople of color have suffered from health care disparities over the whole history of our nation, usually in the form of lack of access or undertreatment. A 2017 study found that in New York City, African-Americans were significantly underrepresented in the best hospitals, even after controlling for insurance coverage. Buried under the relentless flood of news during the last months of 2018 was a report, sponsored in part by City Harvest, New York’s largest supplier of food to pantries and hunger charities that suggested less-than-optimistic predictions for what a new wage standard might achieve. The authors of the report calculated a self-sufficiency standard, meant to determine how much income is now required to meet basic needs — housing, child care, food, transportation, health care — without help from public subsidies, for families of different sizes living in different parts of the city.